Future Pageant Dates:

  • July 24 – 27, 2024



You could be the next queen.

Join the All-Star United States  Pageant

Shine Bright at the All-Star United States Beauty Pageant

Your Path to Becoming a Contestant.

Join the Exciting Experience

Be part of the beauty pageant journey by joining the All-Star United States Pageant! Our pageant is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your strengths, talents, and beauty all while making lifelong friends and memories. Step into the limelight and join the experience today!

Showcase Your Talents

At the All-Star United States Pageant, you’ll have the chance to showcase your talents and skills and compete for a chance to be crowned All-Star United States. Share your talents and beauty with the world and compete against other contestants to be crowned the winner!

Lasting Memories

By joining the All-Star United Pageant, you’ll make lifelong memories and friendships. You’ll also learn important skills such as public speaking, networking, and more. Step onto the stage and join the experience of a lifetime!

Beauty, Poise, and Talent

The Benefits of Becoming a Contestant.

Build Leadership Skills

Participating in the All-Star United Pageant provides a unique platform where contestants can hone their leadership skills in front of a live audience as well as network with industry professionals who can help expand their reach within different communities around the world.

Enhance Your Professional Profile

From public speaking engagements to magazine interviews and media appearances, being associated with this prestigious pageant can help enhance your professional profile significantly whether you’re starting out or already established in your field of work or study.

Make Connections Around The World

As part of their prize package if they become crowned All-Star United States, each winner will get exclusive access to some of the most influential people working today across various industries worldwide—giving them a chance to build relationships with these individuals.

Don’t take our word for it.

Read what past contestants have to say.

Amazing! My experience with the All-Star United States was one of the best I have had yet in the pageant industry, and my entire family agrees. The level of professionalism and organization is incredible.

Andrea Graham

Miss All-Star United States 2020

With all the opportunities, representing the United States, sporting other women and women-owned businesses, representing the USASO, and bettering communities – you need to register today.

Dr. Sarah Stevens

Mrs. All-Star United States 2023

The Miss All-Star United States Organization is one of the best pageant organizations. Over the past 5 years, I have personally experienced so much that writing a review could result in a novel.

Barbara Komondor

Prestige Pennsylvania All-Star 2023

Join the All-Star United Pageant today and become part of a glittering celebration of beauty, confidence and grace!

Payments & Fees

Please download your Miss All-Star United States application and return it with the $150.00 application fee to the national office to secure your state title. Once approved by the national office, you will receive your national confirmation. At that time you can the pay remaining fee of $735.

By registering you agree to all rule, regulations, and fees. All fees are non- refundable. All State and Regional Titleholders agree to compete at the national pageant.

There is a mandatory ad page of $350. You may purchase more than one. Judges do get the program book. All fees and paperwork are due by June 1th.

All contestants are required to book their hotel room through Book Hotel link

If you are interested in becoming a director in your state, please contact us at: [email protected]