The All-Star United States 2024 pageant, a highly anticipated event that took place on the historic Savannah Theatre stage on July 29th, was indeed a spectacle to behold. This grand event was the culmination of weeks of rigorous training, preparation, and anticipation that saw the brightest and most talented women from across the country compete for the coveted title.

In a stunning display of beauty, intelligence, and grace, three remarkable women emerged victorious, each winning the national title in their respective category. Rylee Jeffcoat, a vibrant young woman from South Carolina, Melissa Luiso, our local star from Prestige, New York, and Katrina Kappen, the charming Mrs. West Virginia, proved their mettle through various rounds of competition and were crowned as the winners.

The competition was intense and included various rounds such as personal interviews, fitness challenges, gown competitions, and on-stage questions. Each round was designed to test the contestants’ intelligence, physical strength, grace, and ability to think on their feet. Our winners, with their unmatched talent and dedication, emerged victorious, proving that they are truly deserving of their titles.

These extraordinary women will now represent the national non-profit organization, the United States All-Star Organization (USASO). This organization is committed to promoting community service, education, and leadership skills among young people across the nation. The queens’ upcoming appearances across the country will be a testament to USASO’s mission and vision.

One of the highlights of their reign will be walking the runway at the New York Fashion Week. This is an incredible opportunity for these women to showcase their confidence, elegance, and style on one of the most prestigious fashion stages in the world. It will also serve as a platform for them to inspire and motivate young women to chase their dreams and strive for excellence.

The All-Star United States 2024 pageant has once again proven to be a platform that not only celebrates beauty but also recognizes the immense talent, intelligence, and potential of the modern woman. It is a beacon of hope and inspiration for young women across the nation who aspire to make a difference and shine in their own unique ways.

Congratulations to our winners, Rylee Jeffcoat, Melissa Luiso, and Katrina Kappen, on their outstanding achievement! We eagerly look forward to their reign and the positive changes they will bring to our communities and our country.

Source: All Star United States Pageant